Microsoft Word 2010

It's been three years since Word 2007 was released to the public, and now Word 2010 is just around the corner. The new version of Microsoft's ubiquitous word processor boasts some impressive new features:

This site is dedicated to getting you up to speed with Microsoft Word 2010. To do that, I've created a series of tutorials covering all aspects of the new version of Word. Most of the tutorials are written but there are some freely available video tutorials too. For example, there is this one about the Quick Access Toolbar and this one about the new Paste Preview functionality.

What I plan to do at a later date is create a quickstart video tutorial for you to download. This will comprise a comprehensive set of tasks that will take you through the creation of an example Word 2010 document from start to finish. This Word 2010 tutorial will be the daddy of them all, because it will include all the new features of Word 2010.

Also on the cards are a couple of Microsoft Word 2010 Training DVDs. One will be aimed at getting you up to speed with Word 2010 as quickly as possible and will simply teach the new functionality introduced in this new version. The other title will be more comprehensive and will cover Word 2010 in depth.

If you have Office 2010, you'll find that these Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 tutorials will help you create stunning professional presentations. The tutorials there are similar in style to the ones found on this site, and there is also a training DVD on the horizon, too.

Word Video Tutorials

We had intended to create and sell a Word 2010 training DVD. The bad news is that that's not going to happen. The good news is that we've decided, instead, to create a website that publishes free Word video tutorials. Each video tutorial is of high quality and the collection is growing quickly. And they're free!

Word 2013

It's Word. It's 2013. It's ... Word 2013! Word 2013 has been released, and to make the transition to the most recent version of Word as painless as possible, we now present Word 2013 Tutorials, packed full of free tutorials. There is an ever growing collection of in depth tutorials to meet all your Word 2013 learning needs.

Word 2016 Tutorials

Three years on and the new release of Microsoft Word is out. We won't tell you it has ground breaking new functionality that you absolutely must have. But we will teach you how to take advantage of, and make the most of, the its new features with these in-depth Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorials. Love it or hate it, if the company you work for uses Word 2016, then you're going to have to get to grips with it.