Word 2010 Classic Menu

Since the introduction of Microsoft Word 2007, users have been increasingly frustrated by the Ribbon. The ribbon aims to provide the same (and more) functionality with fewer clicks of the mouse. This is done by bringing the more popular commands to the front so you don’t have to search for them. However, not everybody likes the ribbon.

For people who would like to return to the good old days before the ribbon, you can now download Classic Menu for Word 2010 4.50. Installing is easy. If you are familiar with installing programs in a Windows environment you can skip the next bit, otherwise the images will take you through the install.

1. Run the program:


2. Select your language:


3. Click Next:


4. Accept the user agreement:


5. Select where on your hard drive you want the Classic Menu For Microsoft Word 2010 to go:


6. Click Next:


7. Click Install:


8. When the install has finished, ensure that Setting Classic Menu for Word 2010 is selected and click Finish:


Once Classic Menu For Microsoft Word 2010 Is Installed

When Classic Menu For Microsoft Word 2010 has been installed, run the program. The first tab to display is the About tab, and that tells you about the product:


The place where we’re going to set up our menu configuration is on the Word tab, so click that. For demonstration purposes, we’ll leave all the settings at their default values:


When we open Word 2010, we see the following:


Click to enlarge

We can now see a traditional (Word 2003 and before) style menu below the ribbon tabs. This newly added menu has all the functionality of the classic menu from the good old days. But for the people who really loathe the ribbon, we can go one step further and actually remove the ribbon tabs completely. To do this, run the program again and click on the Word tab:


This time ensure that every item is selected in the Hide the following built-in tabs section. You can click the Check All button to select everything. Click OK and then open Word 2010 again. Hey presto – no pesky ribbon!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

If you ever need to display the ribbon in the future, simply run the program again and change those settings.