Guitar Tabs In Word

If you are a learning guitarist (like me) and you are working through a book like the Guitar Fretboard Workout (like me!), you are going to need lots of sheets of blank tablature to do your exercises on. Initially, I would just draw 6 horizontal lines across a blank sheet of paper, each horizontal line representing a guitar string and then maybe 15 vertical lines for the frets. Doing this once or twice is not too bothersome, but after drawing the tenth freehand fretboard I started getting annoyed with the process. Each guitar exercise requires a new blank sheet of tablature (or simulated fretboard), so it quickly becomes a lot of work – even before you start the exercise.

So I decided to create a Word document template for guitar tablature. It’s just a one page document and each the page contains 6 fretboard diagrams. Woo hoo! Once you have a page with all the strings and frets set out you can just print off as many copies as you want, do your exercises on them, and then print off some more.

Guitar Fretboard

Get it here: guitar tabs in Word.

It took me ages getting everything set out with the right dimensions. I’ll let you into a little secret. I used tables for each fretboard. The thing is, you need the rectangle formed by two adjacent strings and two adjacent frets to be wide and not very high if it’s supposed to visually represent a guitar’s fretboard. That took some tweaking of table cell’s height and width, I can tell you!

But that’s not all. To really mimic a guitar’s fretboard you need the fret markers at the third, fifth, seventh, ninth, twelfth, fifteenth and seventeenth frets. These were drawn using shapes in Word (Insert > Shapes > Oval).

Anyway, feel free to download my Word guitar tabs and use them in your own exercises, but don’t republish them on another website.