Microsoft Office 2010 Online Training

Microsoft Office Online Training offer a range of high quality and professionaly produced Microsoft Office Online Training videos. You can sign up in 5 minutes and take advantage of the following benefits:

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Watching video tutorials is a great way to learn how to use Microsoft Office. You can go at your own pace and pause or rewind when you need to. The advantage that videos have over written tutorials is that you get to see the presenter performing an action in its entirety. Although written tutorials can include screenshots, they are often only presented at key points. If the written explanation of how to perform a task is complex, the reader may get lost very easily.

Not so with video tutorials. The viewer can see quite clearly how the presenter completes each task.

With software products like Microsoft Office, video tutorials come into their own. Video is not a good medium for subjects such as learning French, or algebra, but for Office they are ideal. Using Office involves mouse movements and navigation of a complex interface called the Ribbon. Therefore, it’s important for the student to be able to see precisely what the teacher is doing in the Office programme.

The better videos include such helpful techniques as zooms and pans (presenting a smaller section of the screen more clearly helps to focus on active areas), highlighted mouse clicks so that you know when the presenter does something and supportive text that appears on the screen at opportune moments.

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