Section Break In Word 2010

Section breaks in Microsoft Word 2010 can be a godsend if you need to perform any of the following tasks:

  • use page numbering that starts at 1 for each section of your document (for example, different chapters in the same document).
  • display text in two columns for only a portion of your document and then return to the default one column afterwards.
  • display different header and footer information for different parts of your document.

Section breaks divide a document up into different sections, thus allowing you to apply different formatting or layout options to those sections.

To Insert A Section Break

To insert a section break in your document, click Page Layout > Page Setup > Breaks. The following panel is split up into page breaks and section breaks.

Insert A Section Break In Word 2010

There are several kind of section breaks we can insert, and a description of each follows.

Next Page Section Break

The Next Page section break starts a new page and starts the new section on the new page. This section break is useful when you want to start new chapters in your document.

Continuous Section Break

A Continuous Section Break doesn’t start a new page so you can actually have several breaks on the same page. You would use a continuous break if you wanted different kinds of formatting on the same page, for example one section of the page displaying in two columns and the rest in one.

Even Or Odd Page Section Break

Inserting an Even or Odd Page Section break inserts the section break and then starts the new section on the next odd or even numbered page. Those people wanting their new chapters to always start on an odd or even page should use this option.

In addition to inserting section breaks where you need them as you are typing your document, you can also select text and insert section breaks around that text. The method is the same, and you use the same options on the section break menu.

Deleting A Section Break

When you delete a section break, the text preceding the break adopts the formatting of the section that followed the break. Note that you can’t see section breaks in the default Print Layout view. To see section breaks, it’s a good idea to switch to Draft view by clicking View > Document Views > Draft. This view shows section breaks as double dotted lines and displays the type of section break present.

To delete a section break, click on the double dotted line and then press the delete key.