Word 2010 OpenType Ligatures

Enabling OpenType Ligatures in Microsoft Word 2010

Previous versions of Microsoft Word couldn’t do it, but you can now enable OpenType Ligatures in Word 2010. At least, they can be enabled in the Word 2010 Technical Preview, so if the functionality remains, you’ll have this facility in Word 2010 proper.

However, you’ll have to turn them on manually as OpenType Ligatures are not enabled by default. To do this, right click on some text (you don’t need to select it first) > Font > Advanced, and then select Standard Only from the Ligatures drop down list. This will enable standard ligatures like fi and ffi.

Different fonts offer different sets of ligatures to choose from, and in addition you can select different stylistic sets, number forms and also change the number spacing.

Disabling OpenType Ligatures in Word 2010

To disable OpenType Ligatures entirely in Word 2010, click the home button > Word Options > Advanced, and check Disable OpenType Font Formatting Features in the Layout Options section.