Add A Bookmark In Word

A bookmark in Word 2010 identifies a location or selection of text in your document. You might bookmark text for a variety of reasons:

  • to quickly navigate to the text.
  • to mark text out for your own purposes. For example, you might want to bookmark content you think you should revise later.
  • to link to from other locations in your document. You can add a hyperlink to a bookmark.

To add a bookmark, either select some text or place the cursor where you’d like it. Go to the Insert tab in the ribbon and click Bookmark (in the Links group).

Add A Bookmark In Word 2010

When the Bookmark window opens, type in a name for the bookmark. Make sure you use a meaningful name, so that when you have a list of bookmarks, you have a good chance of knowing what each is for. The one in the example is called “ToRevise”, telling us that it refers to text we may want to change later.

Click Add when you’ve named the bookmark.

By default, you won’t see what you’ve just bookmarked. To display bookmarks, we need to visit Word Options: click the File tab > Options, and then click on Advanced on the left. If you scroll down to the Show document content section, you should find a checkbox for Show bookmarks. Make sure that is checked.

Show Bookmarks

When you click OK, you should now see square brackets around your bookmarked text. A bit like [this bookmark right here!].

Jumping to an existing bookmark is as easier as clicking Insert > Links > Bookmark, again, and this time when you see the list of bookmarks, select the one you want and click Go To. The cursor jumps to the bookmarked text, and actually selects it. Careful – clicking delete will remove that text because it’s selected.

You can also link to a bookmark by inserting a hyperlink that points to it. Let’s assume we still have the bookmark called “ToRevise” that we added earlier. Let’s make a link out of some other text in a different part of the document. Select the text you want for the link and then click Hyperlink in that same Links group on the Insert tab. Click Bookmark on the right of the Insert Hyperlink window.

Hyperlink To A BookMark In Word

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Select the bookmark in the Select Place in Document window, and click OK.

Select Place in Document


Click OK on the Insert Hyperlink window and the link is placed. If you now click on that link, you’ll jump to the bookmark.

Getting rid of bookmarks is easy. In the Bookmarks window you saw earlier, there is a Delete button. Select the bookmark(s) you need to delete and click Delete.