Show The Developer Tab In Word

The Developer tab is home to some very useful commands in Microsoft Word 2010. However, by default this tab is not displayed in the ribbon, and you will need to tell Word that you want to see it. If you know how to switch on display of the Developer tab in Word 2007, you may be in for a surprise in 2010. It’s changed!

To display or remove the Developer tab, click the Office button > Word Options . In Word 2007, the “switch” was in the Popular section, but in Word 2010 you need to click on Customize Ribbon (read more on customizing the ribbon).


Ensure that the box next to Developer is checked. As soon as you click OK, the Developer tab will magically appear (there is no need to close and restart Word). Similarly, if you no longer require the Developer tab to be displayed, you can uncheck the box.