Why Does Word 2010 Need Paste Preview?

Often, the very next thing a Microsoft Word user does after copying and pasting something into their document is undo the change. In Word 2010, you can now cut out this unncessary step by using the paste preview command.

Video On How To Use Paste Preview In Word 2010

To demonstrate, lets copy some content that contains both styled text and image frome one Word document to another. Place the mouse at the start of the text or image and drag over what you need to select. Flip over to the document you want to past that cotent into. To see the paste preview options in Word 2010, click Home > Paste (click the bottom half of the button with the down arrow).


When you do this you will then see 3 buttons offering the following options:

  • Keep Source Formatting – this option retains the formatting used on the source document you copied. This means that text will be displayed using the same fonts and other attributes like the line height of text will be retained too. Images are inserted with the same vertical and horizontal spacing.
  • Merge Formatting – the pasted elements will adopt the formatting currently in use in the destination Word 2010 document.
  • Keep Text Only – using this option will discard certain things that were present in the source, such as images and formatting. Only plain text will be pasted so headings, for example, will lose their size and bolding.


All you have to do is hover the mouse over any one of those three options to see a preview of what your pasted content will look like. This feature utilises the same live preview functionality we’ve seen since Word 2007 was introduced.

The fact that the paste preview disappears when you move the mouse away from the paste preview button makes this tool a good timesaver, as you no longer have to paste to see the finished article and then undo if you don’t like it.