Create a 2011 Calendar In Word

Creating a calendar in Microsoft Word 2010 is one of the easiest things in the world to do. Calendars come in a variety of flavours: 2011, 2010, academic year calendars, multiple year calendars, previous year calendars, and the mysteriously titled “other calendars“.

To create a calendar in Word 2010, click File > New. The Word Template gallery opens with a huges selection of templates in different categories. We need to head over to the Templates category. Note that the templates available in this category depend on you having a working internet connection. When you find a calendar template you like, you’ll download it from

In the Templates category, click on Calendars.

2011 Calendars In Word 2010

As we need a 2011 calendar, click on the button for 2011 calendars. Word displays a large selection of different calendars for you to choose from.

2011 Calendar In Word

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Click on the designs you like to see a preview of them on the right, and when you find a calendar you’d like to use, click the Download button. The calendar you choose will open in Word for you to amend, if required, and then print.

Check out this fantastic lunar calendar:

Lunar Calendar In Word

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