Multiplication Table Template In Word

This Microsoft Word 2010 template is for all the stressed out teachers out there. Teaching resources are scarce, so this free Multiplication Table Template should help a little.

For those who want to know how to create their own multiplication table template, the concept is simple, but the process is time consuming. As you’ll discover below.

How To Create Your Own Multiplication Table Template

First of all we need to insert a table, so in a new Word document click Insert > Tables > Table > Insert Table. We want to create a 12 times table but using the visual grid squares at the top only give us a 10×8 table.

Multiplication Table Template

Even though it’s a 12 times table that we’re inserting, we need a table with 13 rows and 13 columns as you will see! Type in the number 13 for the number of columns and the number of rows, then press Enter or click OK.

Insert A Multiplication Table

Select the top row and change the shading to be green, or a colour of your choosing. Also, make that row bold, too. Do the same for the first column. The following is a description of how we do that: select all the table cells of the top row by clicking and dragging in them all. Click the Design tab in the Table Tools tab and then click Table Styles > Shading. Select the colour you want to use. While the top row is still selected press ctrl-b to bold it. It would also help to make the top row stand out by making its border thicker, so click the down arrow to the right of the Borders button and select Borders and Shading. Ensure that “All” is selected on the left and choose a nice thick border like 2 1/4pt, as shown below.

Adjusting Table Borders

Repeat the process for the left hand column.

Now, type the following into each table cell:

Type In Times Table Template

If your table cells aren’t perfect square like in the above image, don’t worry. Here’s how to do that: place the cursor in any cell of the table and then click Layout > Select > Select Table. In the cell size group, you should see input boxes for the width and height of the table cells. Change each to be something like 1cm.

Save your document and print out as many multiplication tables as you need.

Note that although, this is a “template” in the basic sense of the word, we do not save it as a Word template. It can be saved as a normal Word document with the .docx file extension, because all we need to do is print off multiple copies of it.