Embed Fonts In Word 2010

You have a brand new spangly font installed on your computer that you want to use on just about every piece of text in your Word document. And you do. But you’re worried about the people who don’t have that font installed on their system. How will they see your fantastic document? Your fear is that the document might be viewed as a jumbled up mess of random characters that strikes fear into the heart of your readers.

Well, worry no longer about whether the recipient of your document has the same fonts installed on their computer as you. You can embed the font with the document. Doing so will enable the reader to see your document as if they had those mysterious fonts installed themselves.

Embed A Font In Word

To embed fonts in your Word document, you need to first visit Word Options. To get there, click the File tab > Options > Save, and ensure that Embed fonts in the file is checked.

Embed Fonts In The File

Now that you have set this option, whenever you save a document all fonts that are used within will be saved with the document. Beware though – doing this increases the file size of the document. For example, consider a document that has only the following meagre text:

Text Sample - TrueType Fonts

The text in the image above uses the TrueType font called Metro. Before the Metro font was embedded, the document was a mere 14KB in file size. When the font was embedded, the file size became a whopping 1,685KB! That means that the size of the font file is around 1,670KB.

Not all creators of fonts allow you to embed them, though, and so you will need to check the licensing options on any you plan to embed. Read about how to check licensing on embeddable fonts. You won’t see an error message if you choose to embed a font whose author doesn’t allow it. Any reader who opens that document without that particular font installed on their computer will not see the font as it was intended though. The font name will appear in the Font selector on the Home tab, but the font won’t actually appear in the list.