Turn Off Insert In Word 2010

By default, insert is turned on in Microsoft Word. This means that if you start typing in the middle of a sentence, the text you type is inserted wheree the cursor is and it pushes the rest of the sentence to the right. This is how you’d expect Word to work, so it makes sense that this is the default. However, sometimes you need to turn insert off in Word. And this is where it gets confusing.

On your keyboard, you should see the insert button over on the right and it usually has the Home, Delete and a few other keys as company. In other applications, you can toggle insert on and off by pressing the Insert key. Not so in Word. You can press the Insert key to your hearts content – it won’t affect the insert function in Word!

Turning insert off is a convoluted exercise, and it’s baffling why the Microsoft team made it so.

Turning Insert Off In Word

To turn off insert, click the File tab > Options > Advanced, and check or uncheck the Use the Insert key to control overtype mode box. Only when this box is checked will you be able to toggle insert on and off using the Insert key.

Turn off insert in Word

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