Backstage View

Backstage View is the control area in Word 2010 where we find commands that affect the whole document or the Word program itself. To get to Backstage View, you click on the File tab, and here you can save a document, you can open a new one, you can close the current document, you can find special information about the document we’re working on and you can change some of that information, too. We can view a list of recently worked on documents, print the current document, we can create a new document, save and send the current document, or if we’re stuck on a particular task in Word, we can search for help, too.

Word Options opens up a whole new window that contains many different commands that give you a large amount of control over how your document looks and how you can use the editing functions.

We’ll get to see these commands in more depth as we progress through the upcoming video tutorials, so, for now, this quick overview will suffice.

However… let’s go back into Backstage View, just so we can demonstrate how to come out of it. So, here we are in Backstage View. You can either click on any tab in the ribbon, for example the File tab again, or, I don’t know – the Page Layout tab. If we go back in to Backstage View again, you can even press the Escape key on the keyboard.