Venn Diagram In Word 2010

If you need to create a Venn diagram in Word, then you need go no further than using Word’s SmartArt. Click on the Insert tab and then click the SmartArt button (in the Illustrations group). Venn diagrams are found by clicking on the Relationship tab and scrolling down to the bottom. There are actually four different types of Venn that you can insert in Word:

  • Basic Venn
  • Linear Venn
  • Stacked Venn
  • Radial Venn
Venn Diagram SmartArt

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The type of diagram you use will depend on the information you are trying to represent. Our example will represent the data gleaned from a survey conducted of 100 university students. Of those 100 students, 70 drank alcohol regularly, 37 smoked and 28 smoked and drank alcohol. If you wanted to know how many students either smoked or drank alcohol, or how many abstained from both smoking and drinking, you might struggle to work it out in your head. Venn diagrams, however, make this kind of calculation easy.

We’ll use a basic Venn diagram for this. Follow the instructions above to insert the Venn diagram into your Word document. The diagram will contain three circles, but we only need two, so delete the top one. We do this by clicking on the circle’s bounding box and pressing the delete key. The remaining circles grow to accommodate the increased space.

Unfortunately, Word gives us no way of neatly labelling each circle, so what we’ll do is insert two text boxes (Insert tab > Text group > Text Box > Simple Text Box) and title each circle using those. You might end up with something like this:

Venn Diagram And Text Boxes

Add the numbers by clicking into each circle and typing them in.

You probably ran into a problem when you tried to type in the 28 that represents students who drink and smoke. Yes, you’ll need to insert another text box for that. When you do, you’ll notice an unseemly white background and black border that detracts from the whole experience. Get rid of those and make the font bigger, so that it matches the text in the circles.

You should have something like this:

Finished Venn Diagram

Using our diagram, we can now address our original question and work out that the number of students who either smoked or drank alcohol = 42 + 28 + 9 = 79. The number of students who abstained from both smoking and drinking = 100 – 79 = 21.