Typing Subscripts And Superscripts In Microsoft Word

Subscripts and superscripts are numbers that appear in a smaller font size than the main text and are postioned slightly higher or lower than the baseline. A subscript appears lower, and a superscript appears higher than the baseline. Subscripts are often used to represent chemicals formulas, whilst superscripts are often seen in mathematical equations.

Superscripts and Subscripts In Word

Typing a subscript or superscript in Word 2010 is the easiest thing in the world. The commands that we need are found in the Font group on the Home tab. Here they are:

Subscript and Superscript Command

Let’s look typing out Einstein’s formula, e=mc². Type e=mc and then click on the Suprscript button (see image above). The cursor’s size and position give you a visual clue that you are about to type something in superscript. When you now type 2, it is placed up and to the right, and is in a smaller font. Don’t forget the click the Superscript button again to toggle it off, otherwise everything you now type will be in superscript!

The same principle goes for typing out H2O: type H, click the Subscript button, type 2, click the Subscript button again, and then type O.