Change Case In Word 2010

Changing the case of text in a Microsoft Word 2010 document is a breeze. All you have to do is select the text you want to change and then click Home > Font > Change Case.

Word Change Case

Five options are available to us:

  • Sentence case – Word will insert capital letters for the first word in a sentence in the way that you would normally if you were writing the sentence properly. For example, mamma just killed a man. put a gun against his head. pulled my trigger now he’s dead becomes Mamma just killed a man. Put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger now he’s dead.
  • Lowercase – this changes all letters to lowercase.
  • UPPERCASE – this changes all letters to uppercase.
  • Capitalise Each Word – Capitalises Each Word In The Selected Text.
  • Toggle Case – The cASe is reveRSEd For eaCH lEtTeR in the SENTENCE becomes: tHE CasE IS REVErseD fOR EAch LeTtEr IN THE sentence.

You can also cycle through the change case options by pressing shift-F3. To change everything to uppercase, select the text and press ctrl-shift-A. Pressing ctrl-shift-A will toggle the text back to the original.