Bullets In Word 2010

Microsoft Word allows you to create a bulleted list quickly and easily. To start your list, you can click the bullets command in the Paragraph group on the Home tab and then start typing.

Bullets In Word

Every time you press Enter, a new bulleted point is added to your list. If you want to add another level to your list, press the tab key on your new bulleted point and the new level will be indented. All presses of Enter after that will be at the same level. After you have finished creating this higher level list, pressing Enter twice will return to the previous level.

Similarly, pressing Enter twice at the end of the first list will terminate that list.

You can also start a list off by typing an asterisk (‘*’) and pressing the space bar. This will turn the line immediately into a bulleted point. To get rid of the bullet, press the space bar.

Creating Numbered Lists In Word

If, instead of a bulleted list, you want a numbered list, click the numbered list button in the same group on the ribbon. The same rules apply regarding creating multilevel lists and terminating them.

You can also start a numbered list by typing “1.” and pressing the space bar. Don’t forget the period, otherwise it won’t work!

If you want letters instead of numbers for your list, type “a.” and then press the space bar.

For example, it shouldn’t be too much bother for you to create a neat looking multilevel list like this:

Multilevel Lists In Word