Split View In Word 2010

When editing your Microsoft Word 2010 document, it sometimes helps to be able to see the document in two different views. This allows you to refer to one view whilst changing the document in another view. Imagine that you have a detailed description at the end of the document, and you want to provide a summary at the start. You could split the document to write the summary in one view whilst you refreshed your memory by reading the detailed description in another view.

Another situation where you might need to split your document is when you have a table that spans two pages. If you’re on the second page of the table, you might not remember what the column headings are: with split view you can display the table headings in one view, whilst working on page 2 of the table in another.

When you split a document, each view works independently of the other. This means that you can scroll in one view, while the other view remains in the same place.

How To Split A Document In Word 2010

To try it out, open up a document with several pages. There are two ways that you can split the document. The first method uses the ribbon: scroll to the page where you would like to split the document and then click View > Window > Split.

Split View In Word

When you do this, a horozontal divider appears and follows your cursor around. Position it to where you want the document split and then left click on your mouse. The document is split!

Now you can scroll or edit each view independently of the other. However, there is only one version of the document. You just have two views of it.

To remove the split, click on the Remove Split button in the same group on the ribbon. Note that pressing ctrl-z to undo the split doesn’t work as undo only applies to documents edits.

The other way to split your document is much quicker. At the top of the vertical scrollbar there should be a “divider”.

Split Slider

When you hover over the divider, your cursor changes to a split icon, and when you see this you can click and drag. Move the cursor to where you want to split the document and release the mouse.