Disable Paste Options In Word

By default, when you paste text that you have copied from elsewhere, the paste options toolbar appears. Small though it is, many people feel that this panel is an intrusion and that it often gets in the way of other text on the page.

As soon as you paste some text, the following panel appears:

Paste Options In Word 2010

When you click on it, you get the full list of options available:

Paste Options List In Word 2010

We won’t go through what each option does. Instead, we will have a look at how we can disable this annoying little panel!

Clicking on the Set Default Paste… option shown above will take you straight to the place we need to be, but in case you haven’t pasted something and don’t have that option in front of you, here are the steps that will take you there. Click the File tab > Options > Advanced, and in the Cut, copy, and paste section ensure that the Show Paste Optionsbutton when content is pasted box is unchecked.

Show Paste Options When Content Is Pasted

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On the subject of pasting, did you know that Word 2010 introduces the new Paste Preview option?