Word 2010 Crop To Shape

The crop tool in Microsoft Word 2010 allows us to remove unwanted areas of an image inserted into Word. But did you know that you can crop to a shape too? There are a variety of shapes available for us to use as “cookie cutters”.

The crop tool is available on the Picture Tools contextual tab whenever a picure is selected. Clicking the top half of the crop tool button activates the standard rectangular cropping area that we can resize using the drag handles on the corners and along the edges. However, if you click on the bottom half of the crop tool button,we see the option Crop to Shape.

Crop to shape in Microsoft Word 2010

Hovering over the Crop to Shape option displays a gallery of the different shapes we can use:

Shapes available when cropping to shape

Select a shape and we can see the shape superimposed on the picture. We can resize the cropping shape by dragging on the resize handles. When we’re happy with the way the shape looks, pressing Enter will perform the crop and the parts of the picture that are outside the shape will be removed.

Crop to shape example

Any Picture Effects we now apply are applied to the cropped shape of the image.

Crop to shape example 2