Download Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2010 hasn’t even been released to the public yet but there are still places where you can download Word 2010. The technical preview of Word 2010, that is. However, the number of people who have received official invitations to download the technical preview is very small and and enthusiastic users who put their names down on the technical preview waiting list face long delays. Consequently, the rest of the population have had to resort to downloading Word 2010 from torrents and other file sharing networks like Rapidshare and Megaupload. When I say Word 2010 download, it’s actually the Office 2010 download. You can’t download Word 2010 on its own.

As the Rapidshare offering isn’t the official release, Microsoft are requesting that people don’t download it for security reasons. Downloads from such file sharing networks are often infected with viruses and trojans. Microsoft are also clamping down on the people who upload links for sharing. To see evidence of this, you only need to search Google for "Word 2010 rapidshare", for example, to discover that most links have become inactive to to copyright infringement.